Charles Noyes at the age of 21 broke his neck when he was thrown from his horse. Charles (Chas) was born December 30, 1895 and died February 17, 1917.

Charles father Gus Noyes, a wealthy rancher, grieved for his son and felt cheated. Gus had Pompeo Coppini of Chicago construct  a statue of Charles and his horse for the cost of 22,000 dollars. A huge sum of money for the era.

Charles Noyes hat, boots, spurs, rope, bridle, and saddle were shipped to Chicago to be copied in  minute detail. 

Restored by a Texas State Historcial Commission grant in 1999 the Noyes Statue is located on the Runnels Count Courthouse lawn the plaque on the monument reads:

Gone from us, but not forgotten
Never shall thy memory fade
Sweetest thoughts shall ever linger
Round the spot where thou art laid
Is death an eternal sleep 
or will we meet again

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